Keeping it Clean and Green

Did you know that in London alone, the TV and Film Industry produces almost 120,000 tonnes of CO2 every year, equivalent to 25,000 cars been driven on the road for a full year. With London recently introducing its new Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) and with the proliferation of Extinction Rebellion in the city over the past year, Climate Change has ever so rightly been hot on the agenda in the capital, and the film industry needs to do its part to continue to make London a long term filming location.

The Film Office has always been committed to reducing the environmental impact of productions on location within our client boroughs – cutting emmissions, reducing noise pollution and improving the quality of air for local residents are common committments we share with our client boroughs.

We always support and promote new ways that productions can improve their ‘green credentials’ – here are our two latest top suggestions:

Green Voltage

GreenVoltage has introduced their range of Volt Stack generators that uses clean renewable power. Since the very first film with sound the noise of diesel generators has created problems for Sound Mixers recording actors dialogue on location. The Volt Stack is silent meaning generators can be close to the set, helping audiences hear the actors original performance in the cinema, all this while reducing harmful emissions!

  • Uses clean renewable energy
  • No fumes
  • No noise¬†
  • No excessive costs¬†

Set up by former Gaffer David Sinfield, and former production manager and lighting designer Adam Baker, the Volt Stack is already changing the industry in the USA and is looking to make fast inroads in the UK. With the ability to also run in conjunction with solar panels, it is a great option for productions looking to do their part in combating climate change.


Another way that productions can help out is with the use of new Renewable Energy options. OnBio, based in the UK, specialises in the use of Renewable Diesel in film unit generators and heaters, refined by Neste, the worlds largest Renewable Diesel producer. With a commitment to improving air quality, reducing fossil fuels reliance and lowering carbon emissions they supply film productions and event companies with ultra low carbon heaters, cooling systems and renewable Diesel to run generators and on site machinery. With recent credits to their name such as 1917, the new war film directed by Sam Mendes that ran completely on this new energy efficient fuel, its fantastic to see schemes like this, with reductions of CO2 levels up to 90% being welcomed by some of the larger productions.


Tom Crooke, former location manager, who set up the company and now manages it said ” With the climate emergency and London air pollution levels now beginning to have a greater impact on the way the film industry is run, our aim at OnBIo is to help reduce carbon emission of producgions as well as air pollution by running film marquee heaters, generators, tower lights, forklifts and any other diesel enegine on Renewable Diesel made from 100% used cooking oil. Using our Renewable Diesel in place of traditional red diesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%. Drawing on our 20 years experience in Location Management, we understand the tight deadlines and high pressure nature of film production, and understand the importance of having reliable suppliers when working both at a studio and on location”.

Perhaps it is getting easier to be green after all!

To find out more about what part productions can do in order to be green follow the link here.

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