Filming in Enfield Continues To Shine!

The Enfield Film Office, managed by The Film Office has seen a sudden influx of filming over the past few months, here are some of the our favourite shoots we have worked on!

Flock Together

Started during 2020, Flock Together aims to bring together budding bird watching enthusiasts. The collective for people of colour aims to build community, challenge perceptions, champion ecological protection, offer mental health support, and provide creative mentorship for the next generation all the while showing the benefits of nature. Started by Ollie Olanipekun and Nadeem Perera they have already worked with partners such as North Face, Gucci and have been feature on The One Show, to encourage a more diverse range of people to join them in their initiative.

Working in conjunction with the brand “Timbaland” the production shot scenes for their online video in Trent Park of three London artists performing unique spoken word performances and exploring their personal connection to the natural world. This large and versatile park provided a natural, rural and tranquil atmosphere right on the outskirts of London and on the border of Enfield to shoot scenes for their video.

Jacob Hughes-Rodgers, the Film Officer who worked on the booking commented “Many people last year found new outlets and interests to explore set against the backdrop of COVID-19 so its fantastic to see an initiative like this gain some great traction and interest both within the community and also reaching people outside of it, who maybe didn’t know they had an interest in this sort of thing. We are always more than happy to help different cliental achieve succesfull shoots so its great seeing this pay off in the finished results in this unique online video.”

Check it out below!

To find out more on the collective follow the link here.

Come Get Your Ice-Cream

Plymouth-based artist George Moir has been in the borough recently filming scenes for his new music video.  George’s music is a blend of playful synths intertwined with complex songwriting and his music videos are no different. In their own right a form of art in themselves Moir’s creates colourful paper collage animations juxtaposed with vibrant and irreverent pop art. Filming scenes for his next music, George was filmed driving an ice cream van around near Ponders End and serving up tasty treats search as baked bean ice cream!

Check out the video below!

Talk Show, Talk Enfield

Hailing from Bristol, self-taught House Music producer Eli Brown was in the borough last month filming scenes for his new music video for the song “Talk Show – Trouble”. Eli’s gritty music style works in parallel to the desaturated visuals of the multiple locations throughout the video as we see 2 unknown individuals traversing through location such as empty warehouses, open streets and empty fields including Durants Park near Brimsdown in the centre of Enfield.

Check out the funky song below!

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