Enfield’s Big Year for Filming

The Enfield Film Office, managed by The Film Office has been across a variety of productions the past year. We’ve highlighted a few below of our favourite ones!


From “The Martian” writer, David Kinberg, and Executive Producer of the Amazon mini series “Solos”, David Weil, big budget TV Drama “Invasion” is, appropriately, about an alien invasion that is seen through different perspectives of various people on different continents across the world. The production contacted the Enfield Film Office last year looking for a school to film in, and the fantastic Grammar School in Enfield was selected for the filming. Filming scenes of various comings and goings of school-kids and one of their main cast members.

Emily Gunn, the Film Officer on the job commented ” The location thoroughly enjoying having the production at the school. The production actually used the location’s own students as extras, which was a fantastic touch. The kids were so amazed by all the lights on set, and the crew taking over the classrooms. It was a wholesome experience for all!”

Check out the trailer below, and go to Apple TV+ to watch the series now!


Filming a promo for the new X Speedflow football boot, production company OB Media Partners filmed scenes at the now closed Whitewebbs Golf Course in the north of the borough. Situated approximately 2 miles from the centre of Enfield, this parkland course is set in over 140 acres and features a large 18 hole golf course as well as on site unit base parking options here. The production filmed with their main contributor, ex football superstar Ian Wright playing a guru like figure in the park delivering the new boot to an unsuspecting character. This fantastic open location offered the production a great controllable area to film in, and given the high profile contributor they had, was a great location in order to film the commercial discretely. Check out the promo vid below!

Sweet Sue

Lastly, from Director Leo Leigh, son of the brilliant British director Mike Leigh, comes “Sweet Sue”, and independent feature film that shot in the borough last month. The production contacted the Enfield Film Office in early summer looking for a location to double as a care home. The Angel Community Centre with its Empty Caretaker Flat above it was chosen as the perfect location for the production. The production spent 2 days dressing the location and filmed across the course of 1 day with various scenes of their cast member visiting someone in the home. We can’t wait to see what it looks like when its out next year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at Enfield Film Office! We can’t wait to see what exciting projects will come to the borough in the new year!

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