ITVX Enters The Streaming Wars

Ever since Netflix moved away from its core business in the DVD market in 2007 by launching an online streaming service, the shape of the Film and Television industry changed forever. Online content has boomed ever since and with other major players now in the market such as Amazon and Disney, companies are vying and competing for subscribers and eyes on screen. The past couple of years has seen several new players enter the market such as Paramount+ and Peacock, and the latest to join the party is ITV with it’s new streaming platform ITVX. It’s already available on web browsers, and will be fully launched on the 8th of December, with the site set to be home to 10,000 hours of content and thousands of box sets, along with a rotating library of blockbuster films, it will also offer live streams of the nation’s biggest events.

Before broadcasting on ITV1, the shows will first stream exclusively on the site for six months. Viewers will have the option of subscribing to the ad-free subscription service ITVX Premium, which will provide thousands more hours of television, or choosing to view material for free on the advertising-funded tier. Additionally, subscribers will have access to BritBox’s collection of boxsets, which includes iconic UK shows from numerous broadcasters (like the BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5).

ITV has also hinted that “other SVOD content partners” may eventually join the subscription tier as well. The new streaming site will also offer an ever-changing host of exclusive themed channels in line with viewer preferences and popularity. These constantly evolving pop-up channels will give a scheduled experience through a streaming service, with viewers able to choose where in the schedule they join.

ITV’s Chief Executive, Carolyn McCall said: “We’re really excited to launch ITVX, with more content available than ever before, and a whole range of exclusive commissions. ITVX is powered by a significant, streaming-first commissioning budget, and an integrated technology and data platform providing a high quality, and more personalised viewing and advertising experience, that will continue to evolve in 2023 and beyond.”

We can’t wait to see what fantastic shows the platform has to offer and which ones select the borough of Enfield for their filming needs to showcase the filming friendly borough we are!

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