Road Closures & Traffic Management

Road Closures (By order / notice only)

It is the responsibility of the production to check for any roadworks which may affect your planned filming in advance of arranging any road closure.


Notices (under 24 hours)

A road closure for under 24 hours must be applied for with at least 10 working days notice and is granted, subject to approval

Orders (over 24 hours)

A road closure for over 24 hours must be applied for with at least 6 weeks notice and is granted, subject to approval.

Traffic Management

A production company / filmmaker must supply a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) consisting of a method statement, risk assessment and map of proposed work including operatives/signage positions. Enfield Film Office & Enfield Street Works Department access and grant whether this is feasible depending on the location and plan provided. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that TM companies are accredited to relevant standards. Enfield Film Office can provide details of Traffic Management Companies if required.

Lead Times

Any Traffic Management requires at least 10 working days notice. Potentially less subject to approval / location.


All Road Closure and Traffic Management Applications must be submitted through FilmHub.

THE ABOVE LEAD IN TIMES ARE THE MINIMUM REQUIRED. Please note that all applications, traffic management plans and payments must be received within these time scales. It is recommended to always apply with as much notice as possible in all instances to improve chances of applications being approved.

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